KWADRON® are unquestionably the best needles ever made.

    The art and skill of tattooing is as versatile as the artists who perform it. Every tattoo artist has their own preferences and requirements for their own tools. Thus, there will be no manufacturer of tattoo cartridges that really meets each individual tattoo artist.

    But Kwadron is damn close! With years of experience in the development and production of tattoo needles, a dedication to innovative product development and uncompromising quality, and a huge variety of needles, Kwadron is rightly one of the world leaders in tattoo cartridges.

    Kwadron's success is due to the fact that the company is always in close contact with tattoo artists and tattoo suppliers, like The Deadly North and provides excellent customer service and always knows which new products professional tattooists need for their work.

    Since Kwadron always has its finger on the pulse, the Kwadron tattoo cartridges were one of the first tattoo cartridges on the market. The development of the Kwadron cartridges was based on years of experience in the production of tattoo needles. Thus, the quality of the needles in the cartridges is of course as excellent as the quality of the original KWADRON tattoo needles.

    Kwadron also makes no compromises in the production of the tattoo cartridge housings and uses the highest quality medical plastic. This plastic is extremely hardened and ensures a minimum of friction. Low friction plastic means your needles stay sharper, longer. This ensures that you can tattoo with Kwadron cartridges for several hours without loss of quality. In turn, sharp needles, means faster healing.

    And of course all Kwadron cartridges are equipped with a safety membrane.

    This flexible silicon membrane prevents ink residues and contaminated fluids from flowing from the cartridge into the tattoo grip or machine and thus contaminating it. Furthermore, the safety membrane has a significant influence on the speed and rebound of the needle. Through years of development and intensive exchange of experience with world-renowned tattoo artists, Kwadron has continuously optimized the safety membrane. The result are Kwadron cartridges with a safety membrane, which allows perfect results with any common tattoo machine.

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