Here at NorTat we have 2 main goals in life, making good tats and not ruining the planet. 

    Thats why all the gloves we sell are biodegradable. 

    Use them for your tattoos, use them in your garage or use them in your bathroom, we don't care what you are doing with them but we just care that they keep our hands, and planet, safe!

    SHOWA is synonymous with the highest degree of hand protection and innovation. Their technology has forever changed our industry, what our hands are capable of, and the impact they make on our environment. They have full control of our industrial ecosystem, enabling them to maintain constant quality and achieve perfection at every level. They perform every possible resistance test in their labs to ensure that each glove is fit for work before packaging and delivery. All of their production sites around the world are ISO 9001 certified and embrace our relentless pursuit of excellence.

    SHOWA literally means “finding a balance between different elements” in Japanese. This principle is much more than just a formula; it is at the heart of their approach and requires full control of all stages.

    SHOWA revolutionized Personal hand protection equipment with the introduction of the world’s first PVC glove in 1953. SHOWA leads the world in innovation with the introduction of industry-firsts such as fully coated, very flexible PVC, flat-dip innovation with natural rubber, cut-resistant gloves with unmatched protection and comfort, crinkle finish natural rubber gloves that provide puncture and cut resistance over the past 70+ years.

    Most notably, SHOWA developed the world’s first disposable nitrile glove, and the industry’s first biodegradable product line with our Eco Best Technology (EBT) in the glove industry across single-use and reusable product offerings.

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