Ruban médical 3M Transpore

3M Transpore medical tape from Northern Tattoo Supply - The Deadly North

Ruban médical 3M Transpore

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Ruban médical 3M Transpore


  • Déchirure facile, droite et bidirectionnelle
  • Facile à manipuler avec des gants
  • Bonne adhérence à la peau et aux tubes
  • Transparent et poreux
  • Hypoallergénique et sans latex
  • Résistant à l'eau
  • Permet au tatoueur d'adapter le ruban aux différents pansements et barrières
  • caisse de 12 rouleaux de 1" ou 1/2"

Le ruban médical 3M™ Transpore™ est un ruban chirurgical en plastique doux, sans latex, hypoallergénique et transparent qui offre une adhérence, une déchirabilité et une respirabilité élevées. Une combinaison de forte adhérence et de déchirure facile rend ce ruban chirurgical idéal pour fixer les barrières et les bandages.

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    Tattoo pigment consists of two parts; the pigment and the carrier. The composition of tattoo pigment varies from brand to brand. Different ink companies use different dispersion methods and different formulas. We believe less filler the better, but that’s up to the artists preference.

    Shaking your ink.

    Trust us, a fully blended ink is much easier to use and will give you the correct and desired effect. If the ink is allowed to separate and solidify on the bottom of the bottle, you don’t actually get the formulated amount of pigment dispersion. This can reduce the ink’s effective saturation and opacity. When the sediment at the bottom hardens, it can be a nightmare to mix properly, then colour inconsistencies can begin to occur. To ensure your ink has been shaken fully to prevent this; compare the bottom of the bottle to the top, to ensure all pigment has been disbursed correctly. If you see a marbled effect or streaks of colour, keep on shaking.

    Another way to keep your inks unspoiled and sediment free is to keep smaller bottles around, especially if it’s a colour you don’t use often. Take time and think how often a pigment gets used before you decide how much to order. Your ink is less likely to have a lot of settling if it’s not around for long. We’re a fan of small bottles. They’re easier to store, cost less, take up less space, are easy for the artist to travel with and it encourages an artist to keep their ink supply fresh and health board compliant. 


    Shake your inks often to prevent separation.

    Wear gloves when handling open ink bottles.

    Wipe down bottles after use to prevent cross contamination.

    Ensure lid is tightened snugly or clicked into place after use.

    Do not leave ink bottles on work you space during tattoo procedure.

    Store below 30 degrees and above freezing.

    Do not store in direct sunlight.

    Use within 12 months of opening. 

    Nitty Gritty

    We do our best to provide high quality images of each ink, but every device has its own resolution, so please note colours may vary from device to device. Its why we opened our retail locations.

    Due to the uncertainty of ink once it leaves our stores, all ink sales are final.

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