The Deadly North Crew

You want to be a sponsored artist?

So you have worked your ass all the way up from cleaning floors, sketching skulls and tattooing oranges and reckon you are pretty good now? 
You reckon you are sponsorship material? 
You might be! 
We at The Deadly North love and support our fellow artists, and have an amazing team of artists that have worked hard to push their art and our industry to its highest heights. 
If you think you have what it takes to join our Deadly North crew of professional artists we would love to support you in your career, just as much as you have supported us in our business. 

How do you go about joining our pro team? 

The first rule of being a sponsored artist, is don't ask to be a sponsored artist! 
Much like asking a tattooer who you have never been tattooed by, for all their tips and secrets, its really poor form to ask a company you have never purchased from, to give you free stuff. 
Just like you, we remember who supports us regularly, who comments on our social media and shouts us out the most. These artists will always be rewarded for their loyalty and support, just as you likely do with your best clients. 
If we see you, as a great artist, both supporting us and producing some amazing work we will contact you.
It really is that simple.