It all began in 2008 when Byron and Chris started building machines together as a hobby, which soon turned into a labour of love.
    They took their creations to conventions all over Australia, slowly building a name for themselves.
    What started as a hobby is now Inkjecta, manufacturer of some of the world's best tattoo equipment.
    Chris currently resides in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory where he owns the studio Tattoo Power and has been tattooing for over thirty years.
    Byron lives in Mount Barker South Australia, where he owns Sashiko Tattoo and is also where the Inkjecta factory is located.
    Every Inkjecta machine is hand-built in our small factory by a team of dedicated workers who test and ensure product quality.
    With 50 years combined experience in the tattoo industry, Byron and Chris have built a company by tattooists, for tattooists.
    They build the machines tattooists want to use.
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